What You Need To Know About Heat Pumps

Dennis - Thu 14 June 2018 -

Juice heat pumps are energy efficient and can save homeowners a lot of heating expense. But they also need regular maintenance to prevent a small problem from becoming an expensive one. Problems with heating in Christchurch is often the end result of a heat pump that has not been maintained as suggested and eventually the system begins to cause trouble.

Too many people call for heating repairs when the heat pumps break instead of calling for maintenance throughout the year. Some steps you can take to prevent breakdowns, but a professional should always check the heat pump periodically to make sure small problems are not brewing. For example, you can keep the filters clean or prevent leaves and animal fur from blocking the outside unit vents.

Don't Forget the Outside Unit

In fact, many homeowners think about changing the filters on the outside of the house but forget all about cleaning the outdoor unit. Yet the outdoor unit can easily and quickly get plugged up with leaves, dirt and pet hair. In fact, you would be surprised how many times the service technician called for heat pump repairs finds wads and clumps of dog hair blocking vents and reducing unit performance.

The typical problems Christchurch electrician are called to fix include the following.

>> No air flow is coming from the registers inside the house

>> Auxiliary light comes on and won’t go off

>> Unit freezes up due to ice buildup

>> Unit runs continuously

>> Unit won’t come on

Many of the problems with heat pumps are associated with blocked outside vents. For example, ice or dust block vents causing reduced air flow which forces the unit to work harder or it works less efficiently. A unit that runs continuously may have a coil blocked by debris. If the humidity level rises in the house, it is possible that a condensation drain is blocked.

Other heat pump problems that can lead to the typical repairs of heating Christchurch residents face regularly include the following.

>> Low refrigerant levels

>> Improperly working thermostat

>> Belt failure

>> Compressor failure

Shoot for Trouble-Free Maintenance

Despite potential problems, most heat pumps are trouble-free year after year. They are extremely reliable and require less maintenance than standard furnaces. But the mistake people make is forgetting that some routine maintenance is needed to keep the system running smoothly.