Maintaining Your AC

Dennis - Sat 14 July 2018 -

Heat pump servicing is a vital part of the maintenance of your air condition units, and a professional technician should visit and service your heat pump at least once per year. 

On top of that, it is important that you carry out regular maintenance on your heat pump yourself. 

What Happens if You Don’t?
Not regularly clearing out and servicing your heat pump can cause the airflow in your home to slow down to almost a stop. 

If the filter in your heat pump is blocked, it will have a heavy negative effect on the quality of your aircon. 

Your heat pump should be cleaned every eight weeks, no less than ever 12 even if you use it rarely. All you need to do is open up the front panel, and take out the filters in order to clean them. 

A light wash or hoover will do the job when it comes to self-maintenance of your heat pump filters, once clean, shake to dry, and then return them to the heat pump. You should notice an instant improvement in the quality of your air conditioning. 

Why Get a Professional?
It’s a fair question if it’s that easy to maintain your heat pump, why do you need to get a technician out to service it every year?

The answer is simple, heat pump servicing involves a lot more than just cleaning out your filters. 

A technician will inspect all parts of your heat pump including ducts, coils, filters, and more for obstructions or issues, as well as sealing any leakages. 

The technician will also verify the effectiveness of various parts of your heat pump to ensure you are getting the best possible results from your air conditioning, as well as tightening and cleaning any connections that need it. 

As long as you regularly clean the filters in your heat pump and keep an eye out for any issues, you shouldn’t need a heat pump servicing any more than once a year.