Great locations to visit in Kerikeri, New Zealand

Dennis - Wed 04 July 2018 -

Kerikeri in New Zealand is a hot vacation destination and if you are planning to go there, you may need the services of Epic Rentals Cars – KeriKeri Airport. This is because it is more convenient to move around in a rented car while in Kerikeri since you will have to visit several tourist centers. Here are a few centers to visit in Kerikeri

The Mission House

One of the centers to visit is the Mission Station. It is also known as Kemp House. Before it became the Mission Station, it was the house of the famous and fearsome Hongi Hika, a Maori chief that terrorized and conquered many tribes in 1800s. Despite being mean, he was kind enough to allow missionaries to establish a mission there. However, the most significant fact about Kemp House is that it is the oldest standing European building. 

The Stone House

You can also visit the Stone Store. This is another ancient structure that was built in 1832. Initially, the store was meant to store wheat but it was later converted into a trading store much later.It is very important to go with your camera as you will need to take numerous snapshots. 

The Terraced Pa Site

This location is slightly above Kerikeri basin. It used to be fortress where Hongi Hika’s subjects lived. Right now, it is a tourist site and it is maintained by the Department of Conservation.

Weekend Markets

There are two weekend markets in Kerikeri and your visit will not be complete if you don’t visit at least one of them. The two markets are Artisan market and Growers Farmers market. You can get a lot of art and craft products from the former and a wide variety of fresh farm produce from the latter.
Apart from the tourist centers, there are several restaurants and wineries in Kerikeri where you can get delicious meals and exotic drinks respectively. For women, there are so many made-in-New Zealand skincare creams and lotions sold in the town. In addition, if you are lover of chocolates, Kerikeri offers a wide range of tasty handmade chocolates.

These are the reasons tourists troop into the town all through the year. While you may take transport buses to these places, it is faster and more convenient to use a rented car.