cockroach control Auckland

Dennis - Tue 03 April 2018 -


cockroach control Auckland has the best way to  deal with your most inconvenient guest.  

Cockroaches are not just annoying insects, they in fact bring danger to the people’s health. They carry many sorts of diseases from Typhoid, Poliomyelitis (the cause of Polio disease) to skin allergies and asthma. A house infested by these crawling and smelly creatures has a unique smell that is definitely uninviting.

Aside from diseases, cockroaches ruined many businesses. A restaurant infested by them could hardly save their face once a single paper cockroach is found nesting on table napkins. A hotel with cockroaches shares the same fate as the restaurants. And think about your grocery store.

Cockroaches thrive in places that are dark and humid. Also they enjoy the smell of food leftovers and even the splatters of oil on your kitchen wall.  The best prevention is good habits of prompt cleaning. Since these creatures love the wet and murky places, keep your bathroom dry and smells fresh. Have a spray of citrus-smelling spray or perhaps put some dried citrus peels as fresheners.

Yet, what if your home is already infested? Then you need professional help. That is where we come in. So have cockroach-free home with us.