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Chicken Coop (The Bauhaus Coop)

Chicken Coop (The Bauhaus Coop)
Company: Chickens at Home

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The Bauhaus Coop

This coop comfortably houses two hens. The coop measures 1000x860mm and the standard run 1000x2400. This coop has the option of being sold without the run.

Extras; closing door, and run extension

Coop Features:
*2 Removable nesting boxes
*Built in perch
*Galvanised corrugated iron roof/ stainless steel screws and hinges
* Large access door for cleaning
*Painted interior

Coop price $383 (inc gst)

Coop and Run $523 (inc gst)

Visit the website for building your own enclosure options

Where you can find it


Phone: 09 280 4489

Sustainability rating details

Cyclic assessment

All our coops are made from renewable pine in New Zealand. We use recycled materials wherever possible. Coops are made to last as we use stainless steel fastenings and sound construction. All coops are easily repairable and ultimately built to last. All our chickens are rare breeds, two are endangered species. Chickens are natural waste disposal units for kitchen scraps/waste and produce a great natural fertiliser for the garden.

Solar assessment

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Efficient assessment

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Social assessment

Chickens at home currently does free lending of chickens and coops to school as well as running courses on chicken care in the community. Chickens at home provides free information on keeping chickens, chicken care, making your own chicken feed, the no-or-low-cost to keep chickens and fertilising the Garden with your chickens. Chickens at home pays everyone a good wage.

Safe assessment

Coops are made from renewable or recycled pine sourced in NZ. Chickens improve their environment by producing a natural fertiliser for the soil. Their toes are exactly the right length to turn the vege patch or other growing plot without disrupting the delicate layers beneath.

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