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Water Tanks and Treatment Systems

Water Tanks and Treatment Systems
Company: Devan Group

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Special Offers


All our water tanks are reduced in price for a limited time. Please contact us on 0800 5000 26 for more details.


The Devan Group manufactures high quality rotationally moulded products and waste water treatment systems for the agricultural, industrial and domestic markets. Based in clean green New Zealand, our company reflects a pioneering ethos through our innovative designs, manufacturing processes and end product quality, durability & cost effectiveness.

WINNERS of the 2008 Bay of Plenty Sustainable Business Network Awards:
Emerging small and medium business award

During the last quarter of 2005 Devan Group teamed up with Tauranga City Council Zero Waste Management Team to implement waste reduction initiatives.

The following waste reduction iniatiatives have been implemented:

Changing from a non-recyclable resin bag to a fully recyclable plastic bag.

A recycling scheme for office paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, cans and glass, toner cartridges, copper wire, obsolete computers, shrink wrap and polyethylene off-cuts has been put in place.

More recently, Devan developed what we understand to be the first for our industry in Australasia, a Product Stewardship Programme called the Tank Take Away Programme.

Where you can find it

Contact Devan direct on 0800 5000 26 or see your nearest agent for details on purchasing a Devan tank.

Sustainability rating details

Cyclic assessment

Although our products are made from 100% new material, our products can be reground into powder for other uses. Our products are easily repaired by plastic welding and can be re-used for many years to come. The high quality resin used in our water tanks, is UV rated, to withstand the harsh NZ climate.

Solar assessment

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Efficient assessment

Devan have in place a Tank Takaway programme, where we will pick up your existing plastic tank on delivery of a brand new Devan Tank. The old tanks are then cut up and sent away to be reground for other uses ie shopping bags etc.

Social assessment

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Safe assessment

The material used in Devan water tank and other products is high quality resin which has undergone testing to meet the following strict regulatory standards: Resistance to Algal growth: The resin itself inhibits the transmission of light at 4mm thickness preventing the growth of algae. NO fungicides Food Contact; Australian Standard AS2070 parts 1,6 and 8 Drinking Water: Australian Standard for Potable Water AS4020 UV Light Stability: High level of UV stability at U

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