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Woolcote Wool Insulation Blanket

Woolcote Wool Insulation Blanket
Company: Woolcote Limited

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Woolcote Wool Insulation Products are made from 100% pure wool with no additives. Products include:

Wall Blanket
Ceiling Blanket
Noise Reduction
Loose Fill


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Sustainability rating details

Cyclic assessment

Woolcote insulation products are manufactured using 100% pure wool with no additives sourced from NZ yarn manufacturers using excess wool from the yarn process.

Solar assessment

No information entered under 'solar'

Efficient assessment

Woolcote Insulation products are all recycleable and all waste from manufacturing and installation can be recycled back into new product. All packaging is reused and all packaging that the raw material arrives in is donated to a community based group for recycled paper collection mainly in schools.

Social assessment

Woolcote Limited support the local community by donating our card waste to local gardens as a mulch. We also donate the packaging that our wool arrives in to a local trust that puts them into schools for waste paper collection.

Safe assessment

Woolcote Insulation products are made from 100% pure wool with no additives making it a safe and healthy product. We wear wool, so why not insulate your home with it.

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