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Greenlist has been designed to help suppliers showcase their products and services’ sustainable qualities and increase their sales.

This directory is designed to highlight the positive attributes of companies’ products and services by allowing people to make simple comparisons against a set of six sustainability principles. It does not attempt to list the negative attributes of products.







Suppliers grade their own listings on each of these qualities through a series of multi-choice questions. Suppliers also can add text to explain the sustainable features. These will appear when you roll over the icons. Suppliers can also add a logo from a specific list of third party certifiers.

Users will be able to add comments to the bottom of each listing. When this happens an email will be sent directly to the email specified during registration which can be replied to.

Please refer to the Commerce Commission’s Green Marketing Guidelines to ensure your listing complies with the Fair Trading Act: View guidelines here

Please read the suppliers terms and conditions carefully and ensure you answer questions accurately.


The Greenlist is brought to you by the eco living web site, Ecobob.

We believe sustainability is really about sustaining human life for the long-term; about an enlightened self interest. For us to be successful at this we need to re-examine much of what we currently do – our cities, our businesses, our consumption habits and more. This directory is an attempt to re-examine the contribution that the products & services we use make.

The cyclic, solar, efficient, safe and social methodology has been adapted from respected sustainability thinker, Edwin Datschefski. We intend to update the methodology behind the listings every year to increase the standard and ensure that we are moving closer to a sustainable world.

The site could not have been possible without the financial support from two other committed sustainability leaders, NZI and EECA.

We would love to get your feedback on the site to help us improve it. Please email us at

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