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If you run a business in New Zealand selling products or services which have positive ethical, environmental or social aspects you can list on Greenlist...

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How Does It Work?

Greenlist has been designed to help you make good choices about the products and services you buy.

Finding the ‘ultimate’ sustainable product or service is hard but there are plenty of products and services with good sustainability qualities. By choosing these products and services over others we can support companies who are doing the right thing and send a signal to others for a change.

This directory is designed to highlight the positive attributes of products and services by allowing you to make simple comparison against a set of six sustainability principles. It does not attempt to list the negative attributes of products.







Suppliers grade their own listings on each of these qualities through a series of questions. When you roll over the icons on their listing you can read specific information they have written about the qualities of their product or service. If you are uncomfortable with self assessment icons please look for those products or services with third party certifications.

You can read and add comments to the bottom of the listings which helps build up collective information and keep everyone honest.

The directory is designed as a starting place for your decision making and as a tool for suppliers to showcase their product or service’s sustainable qualities. Please remember, Greenlist does not endorse or audit any of the information provided by the suppliers, so please fully research your purchases before spending your money.

How does the certification of products or services work on Greenlist?

The website allows listers to select logos of certification schemes where they hold that particular certification. Where a listing nominates a particular certification type, Greenlist automatically checks with the certification body to ensure validity. If not approved by the certification body, the associated certification logo will be removed from the product or service listing.

Suppliers agree to meet the Commerce Commission’s Green Marketing Guidelines to ensure their listings comply with the Fair Trading Act (View guidelines here). We request that all suppliers agree to meet these guidelines, however we do not audit listings for compliance.


Greenlist is brought to you by eco living web site, Ecobob.

We believe sustainability is really about sustaining human life for the long-term; about an enlightened self interest. For us to be successful at this we need to re-examine much of what we currently do – our cities, our businesses, our consumption habits and more. This directory is an attempt to re-examine the contribution that the products & services we use make.

The cyclic, solar, efficient, safe and social methodology has been adapted from respected sustainability thinker, Edwin Datschefski. We intend to update the methodology behind the listings every year to increase the standard and ensure that we are moving closer to a sustainable world.

We would love to get your feedback on the site to help us improve it. Please email us at